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Anthony Tornambe

Getting a handle on your core - Anthony Tornambe
In the last article on Health and Fitness for Busy people, Anthony Tornambe discussed the importance of good input to get good output through healthy living. Now that you understand the basics of building energy and that health and fitness is a lifestyle choice, let us focus on exercises. I know that Exercises is the equivalent of a dirty word in many houses, but it is essential to good health. The best part of exercising is that (regardless of what some experts may claim) you can get all the "workout" you need in 15 minutes to 30 minutes a day. Here are a few exercises for the busy person.
You carry weight anyway, make it work for you
If you take a moment and think about it, you carry weights around everywhere you go. Some people more than others. Yes, I am talking about your body weight. And while most people do not give their body weight a second thought throughout the day, unless the body starts to have aches and pains, the w…

Anthony Tornambe - World’s Most Peaceful Countries

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Anthony Tornambe - Yahoo Sells To Verizon In $5 Billion Deal In Tech History

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